Alexander Leontaritis shooting "The Waiting Room" in Cyprus

2015-06-12 03:32:04



``The Waiting Room" is an ambitious film production, directed by Alexander Leontaritis , already shooting in Cyprus and expected in the theatres this fall.

It is a psychological thriller in order to cripple the viewer. Five persons, awaken trapped in a warehouse without remembering how and why, found in this labyrinth without escape. Trying to find what connects them, what divides them and what is the secret that will destroy them or save them.

Alexander Leontaritis for his last feature film, " Final Redemption" was awarded with Remi Award at the WorldFest International Film Festival in Houston, while his short film "Ten minutes" won the National Quality Award at the  Thessaloniki Int. Film Festival  . 

In this promising cinematic thriller with fast action, surprises and dramatic twists decisive contribution has new technology, since digital cameras combined with the expertise and special effects, evoke an interesting result.

In the leading roles stared the popular actor from TV series, Andreas VougioukasTonia Sotiropoulou , which has won several awards at major international productions, Maria Ioannou ,  Christos Simardanis , Panos Kranidiotis , Leonidas Koshis, Anna Fonsou , Haris Georgiadis, Eftychios Poullaidis, Alexander Parisis, Manolis Impraimakis, Lefteris Chachoumis and Dimitris Danampasis.

Director of photography is Stephen Nugent, the sound edited by Marios Minas, the production design by Elena Giorgalli, scenography by Panos Michalopoulos, costumes by Miranda Theodoridou , music by Dom Sigalas, editor is  Thodoris Armaos  and special effects by Phidias Hadjixenofontos.



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