Eurimages supports 20 co-productions and one VOD platform for SEE movies

2015-03-18 03:57:16


At its 138th meetingheld from 9 to 12 March 2015 in Lisbon, the Board of Management of the Council of Europe's  Eurimages Fund agreed to support 18 projects of feature films and 2 documentaries for a total amount of 4,444,000 Euros.

The Board decided to support the project “SeeMovies – VOD platform” ( CutAway , FYROM) for an amount of €103,000, as for Scheme II (Support for measures for fostering awareness of European cinema).


The list of co-productions supported by Eurimages:

Caini (Dogs) - Bogdan Florian Mirica (Romania) (Romania, France, Bulgaria)

ChroniaPolla (Happy Birthday) -  Christos Georgiou  (Cyprus) (Germany, Greece, France, Cyprus)

El Dorado - Salomé Lamas (Portugal) Documentary (Portugal, France)

El Olivo (The Olive Tree) - Icíar Bollaín (Spain) (Spain, Germany)

Flakeslaskepot FRA P (A Conspiracy of Faith)- Hans Petter Moland (Norway) (Denmark, Germany)

Kharms - Ivan Bolotnikov (Russia) (Russia, Lithuania, “The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”)

La femme de la plaque argentique - Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Japan) (France, Belgium)

Meester Kikker (Mr. Frog) - Anna van der Heide (Netherlands) Children’s film (Netherlands, Belgium)

Monk - Ties Schenk (Netherlands) (Netherlands, Belgium)

Nebel im August (Fog in August) - Kai Wessel (Germany) (Germany, Austria)      

Ne gledaj mi u pijat (Quit Staring at my Plate) - Hana Jusic (Croatia) (Croatia, Denmark)

O gios tis Sofias (Son of Sofia) - Elina Psikou  (Greece) (Greece, France, Bulgaria)

Rehepapp - Rainer Sarnet (Estonia) (Estonia, Netherlands)

6,9 pe scara Richter (6,9 on the Richter Scale) - Nicolae Caranfil (Romania) (Romania, Bulgaria)

Smrdljiva Bajka (A Stinking Fairytale) - Miroslav Momcilovic  (Serbia) (Serbia, Bulgaria)

Tajna o Masinovodjama(Train Drivers Secret) - Milos Radovic (Serbia) (Serbia, Croatia)

Tereddut (Clair-Obscur) - Yesim Ustaoglu  (Turkey) (Turkey, Germany, France)

Un petit boulot - Pascal Chaumeil (France) (France, Belgium)

Vienne avant la nuit (Vienna before Nightfall) - Robert Bober (France) Documentary (France, Germany, Austria)

Walking to Paris - Peter Greenaway (United Kingdom) (Netherlands, Switzerland, Romania, France) 

In the framework of the distribution support programme,Scheme I (Support for marketing and publicity costs), the Board has granted its support to 38 Films released before 31 December 2015. The total support granted represents €202,077.

source: Eurimages


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