Slovenian Director Kukla Wraps Shooting on Fantasy

2023-12-18 10:55:10

Slovenian director Kukla finished shooting her debut feature Fantasy, a teenage drama based on her awarded short fiction film Sisters, produced by AAtalanta in 2021. Fantasy is a Slovenian/Macedonian coproduction.

The story is set in an imaginary Slovenian industrial town. Sina, Mihrije and Jasna are best friends in their early twenties. Their boyish lifestyles often lead them into conflicts with neighborhood boys, who perceive them as a threat. A young transgender woman called Fantasy catches their attention and they are slowly mesmerised by her. From that point on their lives take new directions.

“We live in an age of extremism, conspiracy theories taking over the mainstream, and a general apolitical stance. Through the past years, I have noticed an interesting pattern: it seems that so many people feel like outcasts and underdogs, struggling to find a place for themselves/ourselves regardless of their status, gender, sexual orientation, education, political affiliation or financial situation,” says director Kukla.

She adds that Fantasy is for all those who have been hiding their true identities, spirits and loves from the terror and violence of the “normative”.

The main roles are played by the actresses who had already stared in Sisters: Sarah Al Saleh, Mia Skrbinac and Mina Milovanović, joined by Alina Juhart (as Fantasy).

Fantasy is produced by Lija Pogačnik and Vlado Bulajić through December in coproduction with Dejan Krajčevski through Krug film (North Macedonia). The film is supported by the Slovenian Film CentreRTV Slovenija and the North Macedonia Film Agency, while FS Viba Film provides technical support. The development of the project was supported by Creative Europe MEDIA.

The film was shot in Kruševo (North Macedonia), Trieste (Italy) and Ljubljana with its surroundings. The 29-days shooting ended on 9 December 2023.

Fantasy is expected to be finished at the end of 2024.

Kukla, born as Katarina Rešek in 1991 in Brežice, is a film director and musician. She graduated from the film academy in Ljubljana (AGRFT) in 2014. In the past years, she has been mostly directing music videos, which have reached over 100 million views. Her short film Sisters won Grand Prix International at the Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival in 2021.

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