Noomi Rapace and Goran Stolevski on `You Won`t Be Alone`: Witchcraft, Macedonian Farms, and Switching Bodies | Sundance 2022

2022-02-03 00:00:00

You Won`t Be Alone tells the story of a young witch from 19th-century Macedonia who explores life and learns about the world through the bodies of several individuals. Writer and director Goran Stolevski weaves a quiet and enchanting story that follows Nevena (Sara Klimoska) from birth to rebirth as a witch and watches as the young woman explores the agrarian life of villagers. Blending elements of horror and slice-of-life, Stolevski tackles several aspects of humanity as Nevena jumps from body to body in his directorial debut at Sundance Film Festival.

As Nevena shapeshifts, we watch as a new actor takes on the character. First, it is Noomi Rapace, who is initially a peasant woman named Boliska; then it is Carloto Cotto, who is initially a young man named Boris; and finally, it is Alice Englert, who plays Biliana, a young girl that Nevena inhabits and grows into. While the story is steeped in magic and can not function without it, Stolevski is much more interested in talking about humanity rather than the minutiae of magic. And as Nevena changes, so too does her experience in the village.

We had a chance to speak with Goran Stolevski and Noomi Rapace about the film during Sundance FIlm Festival. During the conversation, we really explored the deeper topics of the film. Stolevski reveals his attraction to Macedonia and his connection there from childhood, how he came about the magic and folklore of You Won`t Be Alone, how he approached the women who influence Nevena, how Rapace adapted to playing two characters, and what drew her to the project both as an actor and executive producer. Additionally, Stolevski reveals his research behind Nevena`s speech patterns and working with an archaic Macedonian dialect.



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