Makedox merges with silence for 2020 festival

2020-08-20 00:00:00

Skopje, Macedonia’s MakeDox Creative Documentary Film Festival will celebrate its 11th festival in 2020 across dates 19 – 26 August. Committed to bringing a festival, it is still unsure as to how this edition will present itself. Whether as a fully online festival or hybrid experience, only time will tell. Yet, despite all this, Makedox 2020 has announced its theme for the year: Merge with silence.

In focusing on sound and sound design, Makedox describes Merge with silence as, “Many of us have listened to the city in silence for the very first time or their own selves, going deep beneath. Many have become vigilant for the significance of culture as a maintainer of our mental health. This world is now rather distant but, at the same time, more intimate, slower and mindful. Doesn’t live or do on a whim. Observing the clouds. Reading more. Watching films. Listening.”

MakeDox 2020 has also sent out an open call for submissions for their Sound Shapes Film, Film Shapes Sound workshop. The workshop will be headed by the composer, sound designer, foley artist Vladimir Rakić with the aim of clarifying the sound/music side/aspect of film projects to bring deeper levels of film narration further inspiring filmmakers and professionals for fresh, enhanced and new ways of filmmaking. Directors, Sound designers, and/or editors from N. Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Kosovo, Romania, and Turkey are all welcome to apply.

Makedox-Merge with silence-featured
Merge with Silence, by Aco Šopov, 1955


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