1st Forum of UNESCO Creative Cities of Film in Bitola: The Role of Innovation and Education in the Local Development of Cities

2019-08-24 00:00:00

First Forum of UNESCO Creative Cities of Film will be held in Bitola in the next two days. The title of the Forum is The role of innovation and education in the local development of cities. 

The Forum aims to contribute to the effective development and promotion of the film industry by conducting a full assessment, improving national capacities and organizing promotional events in this area. Among the goals of the Forum is to act as the only platform that members can use to advance their partnerships and bring about new ideas and collaboration.

Macedonia has yet to release its full creative potential. The film industry is one of the promising cultural industries in the country. In recent years, the film industry has had steady growth. According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, around 88.7% of the films are funded by national funds.

However, despite the efforts made by the government and the private sector, the film industry still faces many obstacles. In terms of young filmmakers, there is a lack of resources and support mechanisms. Hence, as the quantity of films increases, the quality of these films is not always good.

As such, the event will aim to contribute to a better understanding of the role of creative and cultural industries, such as film, in sustainable development.

Creative industries in Europe make a significant contribution to the EU economy, generating around 3% of the EU’s GDP – 500 billion EUR in market value per year – and employing around 6 million people.

However, growth opportunities for creative industries in developing countries are affected by lack of entrepreneurial skills, inadequate infrastructure, and lack of institutional support.

The Forum is one of the projects that in the long run has the potential to improve institutional support and strengthen entrepreneurial skills, and thus increase the growth opportunities of developing countries through the creative industries sector.

The program should promote and support the sustainability of projects embedded in transnational networks by sharing good practices on how to organize and secure the transnational nature of domestic projects. Therefore, the transfer of methods and concepts among transnational partners, as well as the sharing of experiences and the common development of knowledge concepts, are considered as the main added value of the transnational approach.

In order to strengthen the level of transnational co-operation within the projects, measures such as joint project meetings, joint project communication, and project outcomes, a clear focus on the transnational dimension of project outcomes, joint preparation and attendance of stakeholder meetings, as well as peer reviews among partners are most useful.

Below is the program of the Forum:



4 July 2019
The arrival of participants in the afternoon
-19:00 Opening ceremony
-19:20 Screening of the restored film “A Special Day” by Ettore Scola (110 min) in collaboration with CSC (Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia from Rome
Speaker Maria Coletti (CSC – National Film Archive, Rome)
Moderator Mirjana Ristovska

-21:30 Welcome cocktail

5 July 2019
– 10:00 Opening session
-10:30 Presentation and introduction to UNESCO Creative Cities of Film
Speakers Natalie Moore (Bristol UNESCO City of Film)
Alan Duggan (Galway UNESCO City of Film)
Piotr Kulesza (Łódź UNESCO City of Film)
Maria Coletti (CSC – National Film Archive, Rome)
Rachel Bottomley (Bradford UNESCO City of Film)
Bilyana Genova and Diana Andreeva (Sofia UNESCO City of Film)

Moderator Angelina Stanojoska

-11:30 Coffee break
-11:45 Panel discussion: How innovation in technology and education can help local development of cities
Speakers Natalie Moore (Bristol City of Film)
Alan Duggan (Galway City of Film)
Piotr Kulesza (Łódź City of Film)
Rachel Bottomley (Bradford UNESCO City of Film)
Bilyana Genova and Diana Andreeva (Sofia UNESCO City of Film)
Ljupco Smilev (Ministry of Culture)
Maria Coletti (CSC – National Film Archive, Rome)
Moderator Angelina Stanojoska

-13:00 Case studies: Sharing successful stories and practices:
– Arthur Le Gall (KEA European Affairs, Brussels)
-Vladimir Angelov, director of Cinemateque of North Macedonia
– Petar Kotevski, Macedonian Game Development Association – MAGDA Bitola and KAMAi Media Bitola
– Sasha Stanishik, Department of Film and Digital Media of the University of Audiovisual Arts EFTA Skopje
* Between the case studies, three short films from the Busan Intercity Film Festival, South Korea will be screened
PC Busan
Through Our Look
The Last Sunshine

-18:00 *Screening of the first Macedonian film in color “Macedonia in Pictures” by Arsenij Jovkov
*Screening of the documentary film “Manaki – Story in Pictures” by Robert Jankulovski
*Screening of a film from the Łódź Film School Archive


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