The film project “M” by Vardan Tozija won an award at the Co-production Forum Agora

At the prestigious co-production forum Agora, within the 59th Thessaloniki Int. Film Festival, the Crossroads Award was presented to the director Vardan Tozija and producer Darko Popov for the film project in progress with the working title “M” by the production company Focus Focus.

“We are presenting the Post-production Award to a future film with high visual ambitions, led by a director, who, in our opinion, unites what the director should carry in himself: a storyteller, but also a connoisseur of the film technique. “That is why we decided to give this award to “M” to Vardan Tozija”, said Pascal Diot, the director of the Film Market of the Venice Film Festival. The rest of the jury was composed of the Romanian producer Ada Solomon and French distributor Alexis Hoffman. The award includes post-production and finalization of the picture and tone of the future film, in the renowned Athens Studio “2:35”.

The story of “M”, a film that needs to be realized next year, follows two abandoned children who are trying to find love and protection in a ruined and cruel dystopian world in the near future.









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