First ever Croatian-Korean film filmed in Zagreb

2021-05-31 00:00:00

The fiction film Crisis is the first Croatian-Korean film and the first Croatian film that features an Asian actor as the protagonist. Crisis is the graduate film for Benjamin Noah Maričak, third year undergraduate student of Production at the Academy of Dramatic Arts, at the University of Zagreb – who serves as the Producer and Creator of the film. The chief creative team consists of Director Boris Vuković, Cinematographer Marko Milohnić and Screenwriter Karla Leko. 

The short film follows the day in the life of 20 something-year-old Ji-Hu who is working for his father’s Korean restaurant in Zagreb, as the delivery boy, during the current global pandemic. Throughout his delivery runs across Zagreb he will not only have to deal with the constant pressure from his father and an odd variety of customers, but also trying to adjust in a world where he still hasn’t found his place yet. This story comes from a desire to show an authentic portrayal of a foreign immigrant’s life in Croatia, specifically residents from Asia. 

In the lead roles are Seck Zeen Hong, as the film’s protagonist, and You Kwang Kim, as Ji-Hu’s father. Both of which are making their cinematic debuts in leading roles.  While the rest of the cast consists of Croatia’s premier emerging talent, such as Lara Nekić, Igor Jurinić, Klara Fiolić, Tara Dorotić, Lucia Luque Akrap, Laura Bošnjak, Laura Anić-Kaliger and Dora Dimić Rakar. Alongside them appear acting veterans Fabijan Pavao Medvešek and Alemka Sappe. 


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