First Macedonian film in Turkish language in Production

2019-08-12 00:00:00

In Bitola and the surroundings, as well as in Skopje, there is an ongoing shooting of the first Macedonian film shot in Turkish language “The Hardest Thing”, directed by Turkish director Serdar Akar and produced by Sektor Film Skopje

The film is about the intersecting lives of 10 people. The cast in this contemporary film story consists of Turkish actress stars and well-known Macedonian actors. The starring role in areas of Turkish actor said: Erdal Besikcioglu, Belcar Bilgin, Halil Ergün, Macedonia actors and actresses are  Ertan Saban, Luran Ahmeti, Bedia Begovska, Sara Klimoska, Suzan Akbelge and others.

The screenplay was adapted by Oliver Romevski, known for his intriguing thriller novels and crime stories. 

The film`s DoP is Dejan Dimeski (winner of the Silver Camera 300 at International Cinematopgraphers Film Festival Manaki Brothers), Emilija I. Atanasovska is costume designer and Kiril Spaseski is production designer. 

Vladimir Anastasov and Angela Nestorovska are producing in coproduction with Turkish production company NTC Medya. The film is supported by the North Macedonia Film Agency. 



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