Zhu Shengze`s Present. Perfect Wins at DokuFest

2019-08-13 11:34:39

The 18th edition of Kosovo DokuFest showcased 106 films from 40 countries in 7 competitive categories, with the winners revealed at the ceremony held at Lumbardhi Cinema on August 10th. With non-competitive categories, retrospectives and special events accounted, the number of films screened went up to 282, while the programme was also complemented with panels, workshops, debates, masterclasses, exhibitions and live music events.

The members of the International Dox jury (Adam SzymczykStephanie Fuchs and James Lattimer) crowned Zhu Shengze`s "Present. Perfect" with the award for the best feature-length documentary in the international competition. 

Full awards list:

International - Feature Dox Competition

Best Feature Film
Present. Perfect -  Zhu Shengze (China/Hong Kong/US)

International - Short Dox Competition

Best Short Film
Wild Berries - Marianna Vas, Hedda Bednarszky (Hungary/Portugal/Romania)

Balkan Dox Competition

Best Film
Timebox - Nora Agapi (Romania)

Special Mention
On the Water - Goran Dević (Croatia)

Best Balkan Newcomer
Ivan Marković - Centar (Serbia/Germany)

International Shorts Competition

Best Film
Brotherhood - Meryam Joobeur (Canada/Tunisia/Qatar/Sweden)

Special Mention
All Inclusive - Teemu Nikki (Finland)

Green Dox Competition

Best Film
Earth - Nikolaus Geyrhalter (Austria)

Special Mention #1
The Hottest August - Brett Story (US/Canada)

Special Mention #2
Acid Forest - Rugilė Barzdžiukaitė (Lithuania)

Human Rights Dox

Best Film
Tiny Souls - Dina Naser (Jordan)

National Competition

Best Film
Pick a Name - Dritëro Mehmetaj (Kosovo/Czech Republic) (short film)

Other awards

The Distribution Award
Evidence - Lum Radoniqi (Kosovo) (short film)

Audience Award
The Reformist - Marie Skovgaard (Denmark)


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