Yorgos Lanthimos short film Nimic in Locarno

2019-08-13 11:24:34

After the success of "The Favourite", Yorgos Lanthimos has made something of a low-key return with the premiere of a new short film at the Locarno International Film Festival (7-17 August). "Nimic", written with longtime collaborator Efthymis Filippou, features Oscar-nominated actor Matt Dillon and Daphne Patakia. The cryptic trailer for the 12-minute film carries Lanthimos’ bizarrely engaging style. In it, Dillon is seen dourly staring at different things, with only a hint at the action, as he is briefly seen playing cello in an orchestra and riding a subway.

The full film is a story of a professional cellist and an encounter he has on the subway which has unexpected and far-reaching ramifications on his life.

The short was produced by Rekorder Berlin, Superprime Films, and Merman London in association with creative agency Droga5 London. International distribution is being handled by Salaud Morisset.

Watch the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lo4a6DpKXyE#action=share 





Tags: short, festival

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