Film Center Serbia Announced Minority Coproduction Grants

2018-06-07 12:01:38

Film Center Serbia has announced the results of its minority co-production funding that has gone to eight feature-length fiction films and two documentaries. The five member jury gave grants to fourteen projects, ranging from features, debuts, documentaries, animations and short films. 

Among the winners are some of Europe`s most highly acclaimed auteurs. Cristi Puiu`s "Manor House", co-produced by Romania`s Mandragora Film and Serbia`s SENSE Production, received €101,634; Sharunas Bartas` "In the Dusk", co-produced by Lithuania`s Studija Kinema, France`s KinoElektron and Serbia`s Biberche Productions, was awarded €100,387; Stephan Komandarev`s "Patrol Cars", a co-production between Bulgaria`s Argo Film and Serbia`s SEE Film Pro, got €59,263; and Angela Schanelec`s "I Was at Home, But…," co-produced by Germany`s Nachmittag Film and Serbia`s Dart Film & Video, received €42,377. 

The list of awarded projects also includes three feature debuts by regional filmmakers known for their short films: "Awakenings" by Jure Pavlovic, staged by Croatia’s Sekvenca Production and Serbia’s Wake Up Films (€42,377); "You Have the Night" by Ivan Salatić, produced by Montenegro’s Meander Film and Serbia’s Non-Aligned Films (€39,817); and "After the Winter" by Ivan Bakrac, produced by Montenegro’s ABHO and Serbia’s Akcija (€40,062). Additionally, Serbian director Stefan Malešević`s first feature, "Mamonga", produced through Bosnia`s Sarajevo Film Academy and Serbia’s Nana 143, received €39,961. 





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