Kosovo and Macedonia sign a co-production agreement at Cannes

On May 13th, within the framework of the Cannes Film Festival, the Macedonian Film Agency signed a cooperation agreement with Kosovo Cinematography Center. The agreement aims to strenghten the mutual cooperation between the neighbouring countries and encourage further development of the cultural and technological ties that the countries already have. Arben Zharku signed the agreement on behalf of Kosovo Cinematography Center and the Macedonian Film Agency was represented by Gorjan Tozija.

The goal of the agreement is a benefit on the financial side of the film industry and also contribute to the economic growth of television production and output in other media formats; it is also hoped that this will extend to distribution in Kosovo and in Macedonia.

"Macedonia and Kosovo have been active partners in producing four film projects in the past years" - stated Tozija.

Zharku added that this is the first agreement of its kind. 



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