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2017-12-21 05:07:47

t has been now more than twenty years that during the Berlin Film Festival European Film Promotion presents a fistful of young talents: European actors whom will be famous in few years, surely in their Countries, often also abroad. That it is what happened to Daniel Craig, Carey Mulligan, Alicia Vikander and Ruth Negga. The Shooting Star program has been a real springboard for extraordinary Italian talents such as Alba Rohrwacher and Elio Germano.

For the 21st edition of European Shooting Stars, this year`s jury of industry experts has selected a list of what they deem to be 2018`s ten most talented, up-and-coming actors from all over Europe, who are ready to step out onto the international film scene. They will be presented to the film industry, public and international press during the 68th Berlin International Film Festival (February 15 – 25, 2018). The group will take part in a dedicated workshop programme, rounded off by an awards ceremony at the Berlinale Palast on Monday, Feb 19, where each actor will be honoured with the EUROPEAN SHOOTING STARS Award donated by Leysen1855. EFP`s longstanding and prolific talent platform is financially supported by the MEDIA Programme of the European Union and the respective EFP member organisations.


Matteo Simoni (Belgium) 
© Janey van Ierland

Matteo Simoni (Belgium)
nominated by Flanders Image/Belgium

Selected films:
GANGSTA by Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah
MARINA by Stijn Coninx
SUM OF HISTORIES by Lukas Bossuyt

Jury`s comment: "Matteo is full of life, impressing us with his wide range of skills and convincing us that he is able to master the seemingly impossible. His nuanced range of expressions allows him to explore both the dark humor and the drama that is playfully on display in GANGSTA, revealing a courageous determination."

Irakli Kvirikadze (Georgia) 
© Rainer Hosch

Irakli Kvirikadze (Georgia)
nominated by Georgian National Film Center

Selected films:
HOSTAGES by Rezo Gigineishvili 
TBILISI I LOVE YOU by Tamar Shavgulidze

Jury`s comment: "Irakli is a fresh talent, giving a truly impressive performance in HOSTAGES, an ensemble drama in which he shines, thanks to the emotional depth he displays. Still young, Irakli`s admirable skills as a trained actor allow him to express passion, anger and sensibility. He has a natural presence and his overwhelming energy combined with humble eagerness, makes him an undisputed `one to watch`."

Franz Rogowski (Germany)
© Schramm Film

Franz Rogowski (Germany)
nominated by German Films

Selected films:
HAPPY END by Michael Haneke 
FIKKEFUCHS by Jan Henrik Stahlberg 
VICTORIA by Sebastian Schipper

Jury`s comment: "Conquering our hearts and minds with his recent roles in films by Terrence Malick and Michael Haneke, Franz continuously impresses with his individuality and creativity. In the dark comedy FIKKEFUCHS, about a young man dealing with his own disillusionment, he delivers a truly authentic performance, by conveying the character`s complex and multilayered personality."

Réka Tenki (Hungary)
© Robert Hegedüs

Réka Tenki (Hungary)
nominated by Hungarian National Film Fund

Selected films:
ON BODY AND SOUL by Ildikó Enyedi
DIAMOND CLUB by Márton Vécsey

Jury`s comment: "With originality and generosity, Réka balances her performance skills to breathe life into the mystery at the heart of BUDAPEST NOIR. Her passionate performance in front of the camera gives her a shimmering coolness that exudes confidence. Effortlessly capturing the moment, she impressed the jury with a subtle liveliness and a stand-out performance."

Matilda De Angelis (Italy)
© Roberta Krasnig

Matilda De Angelis (Italy)
nominated by Istituto Luce Cinecittà

Selected films:
ITALIAN RACE by Matteo Rovere 
RECKLESS by Marco Ponti
A FAMILY by Sebastiano Riso

Jury`s comment: "Is there anything she can`t do? Actor, singer and musician Matilda De Angelis left the jury stunned, playing the strong, young driver in ITALIAN RACE. Full of life, and with a beautiful voice, even when she is not singing, she embodies strength and a natural screen presence. The way the camera brings forth her captivating performance is fascinating to watch."

Jonas Smulders 
(The Netherlands)
© Gerard Wessel

Jonas Smulders (The Netherlands)
nominated by EYE International/The Netherlands

Selected films:
BROTHERS by Bram Schouw 
WE WILL NEVER BE ROYALS by Mees Peijnenburg 
A GOOD LIFE by Aaron Rookus

Jury`s comment: "In BROTHERS, a coming-of-age story, Jonas gives an extraordinarily subtle performance, portraying a young man emerging from the shadow of his older brother. With an impulsive personality and a bright openness, Jonas brings heart and warmth to his character. He is utterly impressive in the way he embraces the human tenderness of his character, with a clear sense of what it means to be `in the moment.`"

Eili Harboe (Norway) 
© Marthe Thu

Eili Harboe (Norway)
nominated by Norwegian Film Institute

Selected films:
THELMA by Joachim Trier 
KISS ME YOU FUCKING MORON by Stian Kristiansen

Jury`s comment: "Embodying the fresh-faced, titular student in Joachim Trier`s latest, critically-acclaimed outing THELMA, Eili shows a fascinating and impressive range as an actor, which really impressed the jurors. She bravely allows us insight into a character who seeks personal freedom, whilst attempting to escape from a strict upbringing. With skill far beyond her years, she combines a haunting vulnerability with a luminous and striking expression of mystery and inner strength."

Alba August (Sweden) 
© agentfirman planthaber/kildén/mandic

Alba August (Sweden)
nominated by Swedish Film Institute

Selected films:
BECOMING ASTRID by Pernille Fischer Christensen 
RELIANCE by William Olsson
IRL by Erik Leijonborg

Jury`s comment: "With an abundance of intuition and curiosity, Alba won over the jury with her convincing portrayal of the real-life writer, Astrid Lindgren, in BECOMING ASTRID, ably depicting her from an early age. Alba`s performance on screen is as sensible and deep as it is unpredictable, imbuing the character with an inner life that allows us to explore the woman behind the writer."

Luna Wedler (Switzerland)
© Mathias Bothor

Luna Wedler (Switzerland)
nominated by Swiss Films

Selected films:
BLUE MY MIND by Lisa Brühlmann 
AMATEUR TEENS by Niklaus Hilber 
MIDNIGHT RUNNER by Hannes Baumgartner

Jury`s comment: "Bursting onto the scene with a fearless performance in BLUE MY MIND, Luna Wedler stands tall as a spontaneous and bold actor. She embodies an on-screen presence that is breathtaking and intense, leaving us with the impression that she has a natural ability to express strong emotions, without the need for a safety net. Although the youngest of this year`s European Shooting Stars, Luna has already proven herself to be a confident voice of the future."

Michaela Coel
(United Kingdom)
© Jonathan Keenan

Michaela Coel (United Kingdom)
nominated by British Council

Selected films:
BEEN SO LONG by Tinge Krishnan 

Jury`s comment: "The energetic and fascinating Michaela Coel blew the jury away in every one of her scenes in the musical comedy BEEN SO LONG. Bold and entirely genuine, she is wholly in control of her character and has a completely natural way of combining musicality and comedy with poetic tenderness, in an utterly explosive performance."

The EUROPEAN SHOOTING STARS 2018 are supported by the following EFP member organisations: British Council, EYE International (The Netherlands), Flanders Image (Belgium), Georgian National Film Center, German Films, Hungarian National Film Fund, Istituto Luce Cinecittà (Italy), Norwegian Film Institute, Swedish Film Institute and Swiss Films.



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