Slovenia splits €254,000 among five minority co-productions

2017-07-13 12:21:00

The Slovenian Film Centre (SFC) has announced its new round of financing for minority co-productions. As usual, the awarded projects come from the countries that Slovenia most frequently co-produces with: Croatia and Serbia.

The full amount of €254,000 will be split among four fictions and one documentary feature. The former category includes "Father" (Serbia/Croatia/France/Germany/Bosnia and Herzegovina/Slovenia) by Srdan Golubovic ( Circles, one of Serbia`s most acclaimed filmmakers. The executive producer is Film House Bas Celik (Serbia), and the Slovenian co-producer is Vertigo / Emotionfilm. It is receiving €60,000 from the SFC. 

Another fiction feature being backed is "Guardians of the Formula" (Serbia/France/Macedonia/Slovenia) by Dragan Bjelogrlic, an actor, producer and director behind some of the biggest blockbusters from the former Yugoslav region, such as We will be world champions and the Montevideo franchise and TV series. The executive producers on the project are Ton Film and Cobra Film (Serbia), and the Slovenian co-producer is Perfo Production. The amount of co-financing it is receiving from the SFC is €55,000.

Meanwhile, "My Grandpa Is an Alien" (Croatia/Czech Republic/Bosnia and Herzegovina/Serbia/Slovenia) by Drazen Zarkovic and Marina Andree Skop gets €60,000. Its executive producer is Studio Dim (Croatia), while the Slovenian co-producer is Senca Studio

Next up, "Illyricvm" (Croatia/Belgium/Slovenia) by Simon Bogojević Narath is being granted €60,000. The executive producer is Kinorama (Croatia), while the Slovenian co-producer is Forum Ljubljana

Finally, the sole documentary being supported is "Boggie and the Demons" (Serbia/Croatia/Slovenia) by Ivan Sijak. The executive producer is Mikijeva radionica (Serbia), while the Slovenian co-producer is A Atalanta. It has landed a total amount of €10,000 from the SFC.

Source: Cineuropa


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