The Bulgarian National Film Center gives out €1.85 million in grants

2017-07-13 12:10:50

The Bulgarian National Film Center has recently announced the grant winners for the first call for projects in 2017: €1.85 million (out of a yearly amount of €5.4 million destined for production support) will be shared by 12 projects. 

Four features received grants from the centre. Ivaylo Hristov, whose Losers won several awards, including the Golden George at the Moscow Film Festival, received a grant for "Fear", a feature set to be produced by the director’s regular production partner, Pro Films. "Spinning Top", a feature being planned by Theodore Ushev, who was nominated for an Academy Award this year for his animated short "Blind Vaysha", also secured funding.

In the low-budget category, a grant went to Alexander Kossev’s "Petya of My Petya", produced by Nikolai Urumov. In the first-feature category, the funding winner was "Ashes over the Sun", directed by Bogomil Kalinov and produced by Invictus Ltd. 

The centre will also support three short films directed by Philip AndreevEddie Schwartz and Borislav Kolev. Five projects currently at the writing stage received development funding.

The exact amounts that the 12 projects will receive will be announced at a later date.

In a second call for minority co-productions (with an amount still to be decided on and not included in the €1.85 million destined for local productions), the centre has announced its support for "Pari", a first feature directed by Siamak Etemadi and co-produced by Bulgarian production company Chouchkov Brothers. At the beginning of 2017, the centre announced an increased amount for co-productions: €500,000, up from €440,000 last year.

Source: Cineuropa 




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