John Cleese to Receive the Honorary Heart of Sarajevo

After the award ceremony, Sarajevo Film Festival’s audience will have the opportunity to see legendary comedy "A fish called Wanda" within the Open Air Programme.

John Cleese is best known for his involvement in "Monty Python`s Flying Circus", "Fawlty Towers", "Monty Python And The Holy Grail", "Monty Python`s Life of Brian" and "A fish called Wanda". 

In addition to his comedic activities, he was a co-founder with Sir Antony Jay of Video Arts, a management and sales training video company. Over a period of 20 years, Video Arts made over 120 training videos, and it was the largest firm of its kind outside the United States.

John Cleese was also a co-author, with the eminent psychiatrist Dr. Robin Skynner of two books ‘Families And How To Survive Them’, and ’Life And How To Survive It’. These books, which explored psychology, psychiatry, and their application to the wider world, both became best sellers.

Currently he is Provost’s Professor at Cornell University.


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